How does it work?

Select the tour you would like to do

If you are not already on the tour route, allow your navigator to lead you to the nearest Point of Interest. Once you get there, close the navigator and click on “Start Tour” button (you should find it under the navigator, otherwise click on the app icon on your screen).

If you are already near the Point of Interest, you will see yourself geolocated on the map. Now, reach the nearest Point of Interest and you will receive the “Start Tour” notification: click and go!

Device Frame
Device Frame

When you arrive near a Point of Interest, you will receive a notification to inform you that there are multimedia contents available.

Device Frame

The contents may be the description of the Point of Interest or directions to the next Point of Interest, which will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Follow the directions and have fun!


For the BEST EXPERIENCE, we recommend the use of EARPHONES